No More Sandwiches?!

If you’ve followed my blog or career for any length of time, you may have picked up on the fact that I LOVE sandwiches … and how I hardly mention them anymore. This is because back in March of this year, I was told I had a gluten sensitivity. Since then I’ve cut gluten out of my diet and my health has drastically improved (yay!). And while I have an occasional homemade sandwich on my favorite Udi’s bread, it put quite the kabosh on my search for the perfect sandwich on the road (boo!). 

Thankfully, more and more restaurants are catering to this allergy/intolerance/sensitivity. While I’m on the road with Ingrid Michaelson this summer, I’ve been using this really cool app called Find Me Gluten Free to search out restaurants and good food in each city. I’m going to blog a few of my favorites, because maybe it will benefit some of you travelers out there!


Pi Pizzeria is located directly across the street from The Pageant in St. Louis, MO. After the show, I met up with a few girlfriends and we walked over. I ordered a gluten-free pizza with sausage, peppers, fresh garlic and daiya cheese to-go from the bar. The staff were very friendly and chatted with us while we waited about 20 minutes for my pizza to be done. Usually #gf options tack on a few dollars, and this was the case. My small pizza was about $20, but WELL WORTH IT.  Fresh ingredients, cooked perfectly. Some of my non-gf band mates had a slice and were surprised at how much they liked it as well. Thumbs up, Pi! 

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